Another livestream - Playing with the REV Hub.

While the previous livestream appeared to have been a success, I hadn't accomplished anywhere near what I had hoped to. I definitely wanted to get to the point where I could successfully demonstrate adding a new sensor reference to the code, then using a sensor attached to the REV Hub demonstrate that the sensor response was getting fed back to the driver station as expected. How to resolve that? A second livestream, of course!

A first (FIRST?) livestream

Like so many others, most plans for this year got sideswiped by the challenge that is COVID-19. While I have not (yet) been directly affected, I know several people who have and there have been confirmed cases at the company I work for. This makes it a bit of a challenge to get the First Tech Challenge team I help mentor ready for the upcoming competition year. I decided to break out of my comfort zone and try a livestream.

Silly name badge part 2 - A space for the LED's

The next step in the creation of my "Silly badge for FIRST events". I have actually progressed a little further, but haven't documented it yet. This time I start working out what I'm going to do to hold the LED's that will represent the electrons from the Team Ironic icon.