Another livestream - Playing with the REV Hub.

While the previous livestream appeared to have been a success, I hadn't accomplished anywhere near what I had hoped to. I definitely wanted to get to the point where I could successfully demonstrate adding a new sensor reference to the code, then using a sensor attached to the REV Hub demonstrate that the sensor response was getting fed back to the driver station as expected. A second livestream appeared to be called for.

As with the previous livestream, I used OBS Studio to transmit directly to Twitch. Probably my biggest failing during this stream, and one that also plagued the first one, was not remembering to switch between the various views at the appropriate time. I imagine that's something that I'll get better at with practice, but until it becomes second nature I think I need some way to remind me to pay attention. If you have any suggestions, feel free to reach out and let me know, especially if it's something that you've tried and that works well for you. I have the same problem with being aware of the incoming chat messages. Fortunately, there haven't been many but as the whole point is to allow team members to interact with me so they fully understand what's going on with the code I really need to respond to those in real time.

As with the previous attempt, the stream itself is nothing special, but if you're curious here it is.