# Welcome!

A picture of me, Richard J Foster, taken from the Harry Potter:Wizards Unite augmented reality game

You've reached the personal web site belonging to Richard J Foster. No, not the better known one who is a thologian and author (you can find him, or could last time I checked, at Renovare (opens new window) ). By profession I am but a simple Software Engineer. In my spare time (not that I have much left over after spending time with the kids), I enjoy listening to music of most genres (Film Scores, Musicals and Prog Rock are my favorites but I regularly venture down the back alleys of Classical, Symphonic Metal, New Age, EDM, Alternative etc.), reading (again, multiple genres although Sci Fi and Non Fiction tend to make up the majority), and playing with technology of all types.

In recent months, I've started volunteering with a local FIRST Tech Challenge (opens new window) team, and as time permits I hope to add some information about my experiences with Team Ironic as they progress from first time novices thorough to seasoned competetors (look for the FTC tag in the blog entries).

So where to go from here? Well, that's up to you. Personally, I'd start with the more recent Blog entries.