An Introduction to FIRST

In September of 2019, I unexpectedly found myself drawn into a local robotics club participating in the FIRST Tech Challenge. It was my first experience doing anything quite like that, a challenge which was complicated slightly by the fact that the same was true for the entire team.

Reworked again....

After many years of lying dormant, I decided that I really needed to do somthing about this site again. For starters, I decided to move it off a full-blown web host that provided far more than I need to use for this site (which is, lets face it, just a bunch of static HTML), and on to an environment where I could cherry-pick the specific items I needed.

A small slice of Raspberry Pi

Computer technology has been of interest to me since my first experinece with it back in the first generations of home computing. For much of that time, limitations (mainly of a financial nature) have meant that I only get the chance to play with a small subset of the things I would like. Recent products, such as the Raspberry Pi I got have started to change that.