Dreaming of the Future

The last transmission from home was more than thirty hours ago. It was barely audible through the static, and finished abruptly in mid sentence. Marianne is already in stasis for our long journey. As ...

The Long Walk

This was the first short story I wrote for my writing course. As with the earlier character study, many of the characters are based (albeit loosely) on people I know. Having said that, the events described did not actually happen. Remember it is for a creative writing course, after all!

An Artistic Reunion

Another piece from the creative writing course, albeit one that has a kernel of truth (although as far as I know, there was never any such reunion, and while people exist with the character names the characters themselves bear no resemblence to their namesakes). Modern art often seems to be worth far more than you might expect from looking at it. This short story tells what might happen somewhere art of that type is on display….

The Spell Thief

Another short story, this time more of a fantasy story than anything else. I hope you enjoy it.