Reworked again....

After many years of lying dormant, I decided that I really needed to do something about this site again. For starters, I decided to move it off a full-blown web host that provided far more than I need to use for this site (which is, lets face it, just a bunch of static HTML), and on to an environment where I could cherry-pick the specific items I needed.

As you may have noticed, the main things that I bothered to copy across were the pieces of short fiction. The main reason for that is because I don't feel that it's worth keeping any of the more technical things. Due to contractual obligations, I wasn't able to publish very much of that sort of content anyway, and the stuff that could be published was sufficiently out of date as to be irrelevent (and probably also captured better on Stack Overflow).

While planning the migration, I also decided that I no longer wanted to be bothered with the hassle of Wordpress either. Sure, it allowed for things like user comments but given that this is just a vanity site anyway and I don't have time to actively manage comments I decided it wasn't worth the extra work. To replace WordPress, I decided to use VuePress, which is a simple Vue-based static content publication tool. That way, I just write plain text (well, Markdown),and let it worry about building the site using that content. Of course comments are still welcome (and if applicable, I'll update any page(s) to include such comments). The easiest way to reach me is probably via Twitter where you can find me as @richardjfoster.