A word to the wise about domain transfer

Well that was a little annoying. Fortunately, this site has been dormant for so long that I doubt anyone noticed. Noticed what, I hear you cry? Well I messed up. In moving hosting companies, I also changed from one domain registrar to another. Except I didn’t. Somewhere in the fine print, I missed a note warning me that there was one step which had to be triggered manually.

If you have ever moved a domain you’ll know that in an attempt to prevent domains being moved maliciously you need to get a transfer authorization code from the original registrar and pass that to the new registrar who will then use it to prove to the original registrar that you have requested the move.

I had (incorrectly) assumed that the manual step I mentioned earlier would have occurred when the new registrar received the authorization code. It didn’t. Because I was under the impression that I had done everything necessary, I wasn’t too bothered when I got messages warning me that the domain was about to expire as I knew my new hosting company automatically renews the domain for me at no cost. That all changed last weekend when I discovered my domain was no more. I quickly got in touch with the new hosting company, who did all they could to help, but even so things were down for most of the week. Fortunately, this is just a “vanity” site… but you can bet it was a very useful lesson to learn since I really don’t want this sort of problem to crop up on any commercial sites I may create in the future.

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